Survey for 1KN: Biophilic Design for Health and Well-Being

NJASLA is an educational provider offering approved courses with NJ, NY, LACES, and AICP. Session surveys not only provide the feedback needed for improving our program, but also allow us to remain an accredited provider for these entities.

Your participation in the surveys is required. Session surveys are being offered in place of administering a test at the end of each session, a decision we hope you see as a courtesy and a convenience.

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Survey for Session 1KN: Biophilic Design for Health and Well-Being

1 - Poor234 - Excellent
Overall Satisfaction with this session
Satisfaction with the format
Met overall personal objectives for attending
Overall qualify of training aids (handouts, a/v, etc.)
Qualify of session content
Overall knowledge and presentation of speakers
Applicability/value of knowledge, ideas, or information
Judith Heerwagen, PhD Psychology
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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