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2024 NJASLA Annual Meeting Conference


ASLA 125

Past + Future








Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center,

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Jan 28 – 30th, 2024

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Welcome to the NJASLA Annual Meeting Conference, taking place on January 28-30, 2024 at Harrah’s Conference Center in Atlantic City, NJ! This year, we proudly present the theme “ASLA125: Past + Future”, celebrating the rich legacy of the American Society of Landscape Architects while embracing the innovations that will shape our profession in the years ahead. Our Conference is a dynamic convergence of landscape architecture professionals, students, industry leaders, and allied professionals. It’s an event where past experiences blend with future aspirations, creating a unique atmosphere of learning, inspiration and connections.

This Conference promises an exciting opportunity to grow your knowledge, expand your network and be a part of a community dedicated to shaping the future of landscape architecture. Join us at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City for an unforgettable experience. Register now to secure your spot in this celebration of our profession’s legacy and limitless future!

Support Our Students

Donate Student Attendance for NJASLA 2024!

Every year, NJASLA sponsors more than 20 students to attend our Conference, giving them full access to all of our programs. For this milestone-celebrating event, we want to bring a record-breaking number to experience the event.



As stewards of the natural environment, landscape architecture plays a pivotal role in shaping outdoor spaces that balance human needs with ecological preservation. The incorporation of sustainability principles in landscape architecture serves as a powerful means to safeguard biodiversity, improve air and water quality, and enhance the well-being of our communities.

Urban Design

As urban areas face rapid population growth and increased environmental challenges, thoughtful urban design becomes essential in creating sustainable and vibrant communities. By considering factors such as pedestrian-friendly layouts, accessibility and green spaces, we help promote social interactions, strengthen community ties and contribute to the health and wellbeing of residents.

Evolution of Professional Culture

Over the years, LA has evolved from being seen solely as designers of outdoor spaces to becoming interdisciplinary leaders, actively engaged in collaborative efforts with architects, urban planners, engineers, environmental experts and others. This expanded perspective has led to more holistic and integrated approaches where ecological sustainability, social equity and cultural preservation are given equal weight alongside aesthetic considerations.


Moments from the NJASLA Annual Meeting through the Years

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